Mike Beckett
14 Jubilee Road
YO17 9BY
01653 691402
David Bowes
Corporate Director for Business, Environmental Services
North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC)
County Hall

Thursday 19th October 2011

Dear David,

Regarding: The Postbus Route 367- Ryedale Wolds service from Malton to Foxholes

I am writing to you as I have not been able to reach Richard Owens. Like others, I have used the Postbus when my car was in the garage and lots of people I have spoken to have also used this valuable service. You may be interested to know a taxi from Malton in to the Wolds is in the region of £15-30 one way and for those on a fixed income this is prohibitively expensive. I have spoken to many pensioners, disabled people & lone parents across the Wolds who all rely on the Postbus to do their shopping & access essential services. The geography is rurally isolated even with the Postbus. Without the bus service some people who have not driven for years would be forced to try to drive again.

I have been approached by several residents concerned that NYCC are responsible for making a decision not to renew the Postbus service after April 2012. Should this not be the case I would have thought that a lack of action to resolve any outstanding issues would be virtually the same as making such a decision. If NYCC inaction (a decision not to decide is still a decision), causes the service to end with no official decision taken, this would be an abdication of the local authorities legal responsibility for the Postbus service which for 17 years the people on the Wolds have relied on, many social tenants.

Firstly may I ask if an Equalities Impact Assessment been made of the decision or in the case of the latter circumstances ongoing indecision? (i) If so, may I see it? (ii) If not, why not? Is this not a priority?

Secondly, if any such decision is planned to be considered, could you let me know when you plan to decide?, if you have already made such a decision could you let us know what that decision is?

Thirdly if the tendering process has failed to deliver a workable solution from April 2012, what assurances can you give me and other people who use the Postbus of your plans to make sure a local bus service continues? I urge you not to let the contractual situation drift so the service ends when the current contract runs out in April 2012, this would be an outrageous disaster for local people!

May I thank you David for your time and consideration of my letter, I look forward to your prompt reply.

Yours sincerely,

Mike Beckett
Candidate in the Thornton Dale and the Wolds, NYCC Byelection

CC. Carole Dunn Local Authority Monitoring Officer, NYCC, County Hall, Northallerton, DL7 8AD

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