As a Liberal Democrat I am proud to represent people from Ryedale the rural heartland of Britain. I want to protect our countryside, and make it an affordable place for people to live and work, with access to reliable local services. I am sure you'll agree with me that too many local schools, hospitals and post offices are under pressure and many face closure. House prices are expensive, driven up by second home owners while local people can’t afford a home of their own, public transport is often non-existent especially in the evenings, and supermarkets are giving farmers and shoppers a raw deal. Your local Liberal Democrat focus team will bring fairness to our rural communities. We will provide more affordable homes for local people; keep our Libraries and post offices open; giving local people more of a say on bus routes and fares; and stopping the big food companies who bully our farmers and therefore indirectly us all as shoppers. Planning decision-making, including housing targets, needs to be returned to local people, Liberal Democrats propose a third party right of appeal in cases where planning decisions go against locally agreed plans. The National park should be more democratically accountable, allowing a greater proportion of the Park boards to be elected.

Only Liberal Democrats will bring change that works for you.  Here I outline our key policies for building a fairer Ryedale for our rural communities:

• Keep local post offices  
• Improve our local bus services
• Putting local residents and small local businesses first.
• Personally visiting every village at least 3 times a year.
• Affordable homes for all 
• Regulate supermarkets to ensure fair trade for farmers and a fair price for food
• A Fair Deal for our British Farmers

Ryedale deserves better, please join with me to help us make it happen.